What friends are for.

Every once in a while, God puts people in our lives who help us grow.  People who tear down our walls and show us our true colors.  People who bring out the best or the worst in us.

Sometimes it is a relative, a friend, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or even a complete stranger.  How long our interactions with these people last doesn’t matter.  It could be a lifetime.  It could be a few minutes. 

Just the other day, I saw a grandfather and his grandson accompanying each other down the sidewalk.  The little toddler was peddling away at his tricycle while the ecstatic grandfather ran in front of him backwards.  The love and devotion of the old fellow toward his grandson was practically radiating off of him.  I thought to myself….someday, I want to be that kind of grandmother.  This little scene of genuine love between two people had such an impact on my mood and my thoughts in that moment.  Even strangers can leave a mark on our lives. 

So, it is only logical that our closest friends shape who we are even more.

Like my roomate, Cassie 🙂

Allow me to share a little bit about her:

She’s a small-town girl from northern Wisconsin.

She is studying to be a nurse at Bellin College in Green Bay…a prestigious school.

Cassie loves, and I’m mean LOVES cheese.

I’ve yet to meet a stronger or more independent person my own age.

Cassie is a great listener.  She’s also great at giving advice.

One of her favorite activities is camping with her family.

Cassie uses totally underrated phrases like “that was slow as molasses!” or “that doesn’t cut the mustard!”

She has a pretty sweet family too…they love to hunt and fish.  They also do A LOT of pickeling, canning, and preserving.

I’m the lucky roomate who gets to taste all these delicious foods like blueberry jam or pickeled beets when she brings it back to the dorm 🙂

She loves animals, especially her cute puppy, Tucker.

Cassie is just a fun, down-to-earth, and completely honest and real girl.

I love having her as a friend.

So, what was with the sappy intro I dragged you through upon entering this post?  Well, I totally believe it.  I believe that Cassie was put in my life.  God picked her out to be my future roomate when I met her last year. 

Oops!! Before we move on….did I mention that she looooooves to cook and bake?!

See, Cassie and I have turned out to be way more alike that we thought we were last year.  We both love to hunt, fish, and spend the majority of our time outdoors.  Neither of us flinch at the thought or sight of our dads gutting a deer or filleting freshly caught fish.  We both love venison, pheasant, bluegill, and walleye.  Oh, and most importantly, this girl likes giblets.  It was all I could do to keep myself from dropping over on the spot when I found this out!  Someone….other than myself…..likes….chicken guts?!!!  We were bound to be great friends.  Bound.

Ok, before you go running and screaming away from me, let me tell you….giblets (heart, liver, gizzard), when cooked properly, are great!!!  Maybe we will discuss this in a future post.  For now, just go along with it.

The fact that we both cook is my favorite part about being Cassie’s roomate and friend.  When this girl is in the kitchen, I get really excited. I can be assured that a delicious meal is on the way.  Recently, she made the most succulent French dip sandwiches I’ve had in a long while, complete with freshly made cole-slaw, and french fries.   

Here are a few pictures of the tasty creations Cassie has made:

So, you know how I was talking about God putting people in our life to help us grow?  Well, if it wasn’t for my roomate, I probably wouldn’t be writing this post you’re currently reading.  One of the reasons I sat down to create this little space of internet on New Year’s Eve was because Cassie convinced that I could do it.  Actually, she insisted that I do it!!  I needed that little push to send me diving into my passions.

So, yeah.  I pretty much have a sweet roomate.  What’s more, I have a cooking buddy 🙂  I can’t wait for all of our culinary adventures to come.


3 thoughts on “What friends are for.

  1. Alyssa DeJong says:

    I think this is my favorite post! I love all the pics of the food, the tribute to Cassie. Btw u forgot about the phase “Cut the mustartd” lol Keep writting cause i love reading!

  2. blankr15 says:

    The French Dip looks good, where’s the recipe?


  3. Cassie Cooley says:

    Ahh Kelli

    Thank you!!! I love having you as my rommate/friend/kitchen buddy too!!!! I know that God has also blessed me with you!!! Thank you for creating a little tribute to me! LOL If I were better at writing I would write you a tribute too but It would never sound as clever and well written as you have done for me!!

    Love you

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