Well, hello there 🙂

It has been awhile.  It surely has.

I’ve come back to a forgotten blog, frosted in a thick layer of dust and neglect.

I’m sorry.

This is not how it is supposed to be.  I’m supposed to be painting my blog with words!  Words about homemade smoked chicken salad sandwiches, eating at the Billy Goat in Chicago, or failed white chocolate mousses.  Hint: These were all intended posts!

School has been eating up my time, and rightly so.  Priorities first, I guess.  This shouldn’t mean putting aside my hobbies and projects!  It is all a matter of how convicted I am to this blog.  Soo, something has to change….

The bad news: I no longer feel like digging into the past to find inspiration for a post, which means that you will not hear about anything food-related today.

The good news:  I will post something new and exciting in the next week.  Somewhere within the next 7 days!  Yes, it is happening.

I’m blowing the dust off my poor blog.  No more neglect.  Not only will I post in the next week, but also the week after that. and after that. and after that……and, you get the drift.

In the meantime……here is a lovely picture of some oven-roasted tomatoes. Bask in their tomatoiness. 

Yes. I totally did just say that.

Peace out.


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