It’s Sunday. Eat pie!

Hello there 🙂

It’s Sunday!
It may be the last day of the weekend, but let’s make it rock!
I’m already rocking out to some classic Neil Young.
After, I’m going to hit the books hard.  Study, study, study!!!!

How will you rock this fine day????

I know!  How about making some…….apple pie!
Check and done.

Last night I was totally antsy because I had to wait till 9:30 for a slice of this pie!
Late night pie a la mode is the way to go.
It has the perfect amount of sugar to help one stay up till 3am.  Yes, 3am!
Ok, for some, staying up till 3 might be the norm.  This was new for me.
But it’s pretty awesome when you stay up till 3 talking about ghost stories with some pretty awesome people!

Oh my.

Oh my my.

Sooooo, yah.  I hope you all enjoy your Sunday.  Don’t think of it as the last day of the weekend.  Think of it as the cherry on top of the sundae.  The whipped cream on top of the pie.  Speaking of that, I think I might have to tuck into a peice of apple pie right this moment.

Celebrate life.  Eat something sweet. ❤


One thought on “It’s Sunday. Eat pie!

  1. Mums says:

    It looks delicious Kel. Rock On !!!!



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