Some cool blogs to think about.

This is my first ever non-cooking or baking related post. However, it still happens to be food related. Surprise, surprise…right? Anyway, I’m having a stressful week, and I feel like you might be too. What better way to de-stress than to read some funny blogs!?

I’m not talking about my blog of course, though I do recommend it 😉
I thought I’d share two of my favorite non-recipe food blogs. And they are……

1.) Kanye Chef at

Do you enjoy listening to Kanye West? Do you enjoy eating, talking about, and making food? Well, this is the blog for you!
I pretty much can’t contain my laughter when I read the “song lyrics” on this site. Just check it out! I highly recommend “All of the Lights (Rice)” and “Bunaway Love (Remix)” Hilarious.

Seriously, though, who comes up with the idea to re-make Kanye lyrics into lyrics about food? Sheer brilliance.

2.) Cake Wrecks at

Don’t be disturbed by the naked babies on flying carrots at the top of the home page. I’ve still yet to determine their significance. Really, though, it is beyond amusing to see how terribly wrong some cakes turn out. Even better are the sick, twisted cakes that people create for no other reason than to be sick and twisted. Take, for example, a cake I saw while browsing on the site depicting a hand ripping out of a pregnant woman’s stomach, holding a sign that says “Ready or not, here I come!” Seriously. SERIOUSLY!?!? Who thinks of that?

Ohhh well, all the better for my amusement.

Anyway, have a happy Thursday !!! Only one more till Friday, and soon it’s Halloween! There will be pumpkin flavored treats in the near future. I promise.


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