Cupcakes are like dreams.

Sometimes my intentions just dissolve away into wisps of nothingness. 
Sometimes that really bothers me.
Right now, it doesn’t. 
Somehow, that bothers me more than anything.
To be ok with complacency.

Winter break is almost over, and just about everything I had intended to do has gone undone.  
The last few weeks have been fraught with stomach issues, colds, and other random ailments that I don’t feel are necessary to discuss.  The main thing is, I just didn’t feel like doing anything besides working.  Is that bad?  Part of me says so.
Part of me is totally forgiving of myself.  I wasn’t feeling well.  At all. I needed to catch up on the zzzz’s after exams and the holidays.  Really, I feel much better now.  Much, much better.
However, my plans have suffered greatly.   At times like these, I think the best thing to do is pick oneself up, brush off the knees, and get to work.

Starting now.
Starting with this blog post.
I’ll be honest, I don’t have any idea what I’m going to say about the recipe I’m going to talk about today.  I haven’t been too motivated for blogging as of late.  There’s only one way out of this funk, though.   

I present to you, chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting.

If dreams were food, they’d be pink frosted cupcakes. 

Dreams are light and airy.  Like swiss meringue frosting.  Just when you think it’s real, you wake up.  You forget what you dreamt about.  Just when this frosting hits your tongue, it disolves.  It leaves you with a sweet aftertaste.  Wanting more. 

Dreams are colorful.  Like the pink in this frosting.  They are full of possibilities both real and unreal.  Like flying over rainbows.  Or dancing in a field of purple daisies.   They are ripe with senses.  Everything tastes brighter, smells lovlier, and looks grander in dreams.  Pink frosting tastes better.  I’m convinced.

Dreams have a dark side.  Like chocolate cake.  It’s not too sweet.  Dreams aren’t always so sweet either under that colorful facade.  There’s danger.  Both in the dream and because of it.  Nightmares exist.  Dreams sugarcoat our most deepest darkest fears.  Sometimes, they reveal them.  Then there’s the dreams that you never want to end.  Reality becomes less appealing than an illusory world.  That’s the dark side. 

Revel in these cupcakes.  Take a bite.  Close your eyes.  Pretend you’re somewhere far removed from here.  When you finish, open your eyes and snap back into reality.  We can’t live in our dream worlds, though I do believe they’re good to have at times. 

I’ll be making, eating, and hanging around a lot of cupcakes real soon.  They’re good company to have, I must say. 
I’m excited for the next couple weeks as I’ve got some plans and some tricks to pull out of my sleeve 😉 
Let’s end this winter break with a bang, shall we?
So we shall.


One thought on “Cupcakes are like dreams.

  1. AlyDej says:

    They Look Yummy! Now I want a Cupcake!

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