Because we can.

Look at this.

EXTREME milk and cookies.
We don’t take our desserts lightly around here.

Nevermind that some of these pictures look less than appetizing.  Carly and I can assure you that this is good.  Scary good.  Drinkably good.

Did we seriously drink 14 cookies last night?
Heck yes people.
None whatsoever.

Nevermind the banana bunch taunting us with its healthiness behind our milk and cookies. 

Today is eat salad and a banana for lunch day.
Yesterday was binge on milk and cookies day.
Whatevs.  It all balances out in the end.

So what if bikini season is almost here?  Indulgence is good for the soul.  It puts a little zest in life.  Whatever you do, leave no calorie behind.  Don’t look back, and save those leafy greens for the next day.  Let’s be real, eating with guilt is no different than torture.  

In that case, it’d better off to listen to the bananas.


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